Onward Reserve: Southern Clothing with a Mississippi Name

Did you know President Theodore Roosevelt traveled to the Mississippi Delta? This powerful story was enough for a guy visiting the state to name his entire company after it. 

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November, 14 1902 - President Theodore Roosevelt, the big game hunter and avid outdoorsman, is having an unlucky bear hunt in Onward, Mississippi. To help him secure a successful hunt, some assistants tied an unlucky captured black bear to a willow tree. Viewing this as extremely unsportsmanlike, President Roosevelt refused to shoot the bear. News then spread, political cartoonists had their fun, and next thing you know a Brooklyn candy shop owner cashes in on producing the very first Teddy Bear. He called it Teddy’s Bear. To this day, the world-wide fame of the Teddy Bear can still trace its roots back to that delta hunting trip in 1902.

This story made an “impact” on T.J. Callaway, Founder and CEO of Onward Reserve (onwardreserve.com) during a hunting trip to Onward, Mississippi, roughly a hundred years later. He said “Teddy Roosevelt was onto something that day. He refused to accept anything less than an authentic experience.”

Since then, Callaway’s company provides his take on that authenticity. A brand that is laid back but unwavering in quality.

But, why do we like it?

Quality along with style. You wont find giant logos on polos here. They are designed to be your go-to closet items. Effortlessly look and feel best dressed! 

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