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Name Price Qty
Vera Wang Gilded Weave Dinner Plate 10.7″ $35.00
Vera Wang Gilded Weave Salad Plate 8″ $30.00
Vera Wang Gilded Weave Tea Cup Low $35.00
Vera Wang Gilded Weave Tea Saucer Low $19.00
JARS VUELTA Cereal Bowl 6.3″ x 3.2″ OCEAN BLUE $37.00
JARS VUELTA Dessert Plate 8.7″ OCEAN BLUE $40.00 Already purchased
JARS VUELTA Dinner Plate M 10.4″ OCEAN BLUE $44.00
JARS VUELTA Mug 9.5 oz OCEAN BLUE $42.00
JARS VUELTA Soup Bowl L 9″ x 2.2″ OCEAN BLUE $46.00
Vietri Lastra – Holiday Oval Platter $140.00
Vietri Lastra – Holiday Rectangular Baker $180.00
VIETRI Lastra Holiday Handled Rectangular Platter $144.00
VIETRI Lastra Holiday Handled Square Platter $138.00
THE GOOD EARTH Lg Oval Platter $236.00
THE GOOD EARTH Lg Rect. Plate $65.00
THE GOOD EARTH Md Sq Serving Bowl $156.00
THE GOOD EARTH Pepper Shaker* $29.00
THE GOOD EARTH Salt Shaker* $29.00
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