Figuring out one’s personal style can be a lifelong journey.

Fashion  is art, culture, history; it gives us the ability to let our true spirit shine into our everyday life.  In a society of conformist and mass followings, any bit of self expression we can utilize is well worth the extra effort.  Inspiration can come from anywhere but we need to be sure we feel comfortable and completely ourselves in whatever we wear.

One way I’ve found of bringing this inspiration into my daily life is by getting involved in a more personalized shopping experience.  Receiving boxes at my doorstep, brimming with beautiful and unique pieces handpicked for me is one way to figure out my personal style in a little less than a lifetime, as well as incorporating a little more art, a little more culture, into my daily life; which is something we could all use.

Go online, take a personalized quiz, then receive tailored designs, hand picked solely for me. What could be easier?

Praising the individual spirits and welcoming the extra effort is what makes Reed’s unique.  Each piece of clothing and every line they carry is immersed in the spirit of fashion and produced by a love of all people.  Everyone should be able to feel confident and comfortable in what they wear.  Find inspiration, take risks, don’t be fooled by the rules of society, and have fun with it.  These four tips is what I’ve found Reed’s to Me to be about.

Go into the stores, talk with the stylist, and let them create something beautiful for you.  I challenge you to  go deeper into your style journey, find out who you really are or who you want to be and begin the process.

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