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Top 40 Rules Of Investing By Scott Reed (SIGNED COPY)

Top 40 Rules Of Investing By Scott Reed (SIGNED COPY)


Item#: 9781936946662

"Concise, practical, and enjoyable, Reed's rules for investors are a recipe for financial well-being."

Sean Walters: Executive Director/CEO IMCA


"Scott Reed is one who practices what he preaches and his "Top 40 Rules of Investing" are enjoyable to read, practical, and excellent investment advice. Read the book, take the advice and run with it."

J. Richard Lynch, AIFA: President di360


"Scott Reed is a highly sccessful CEO with a compelling perspective on just about any subject. In these pages he offers a personal, light-hearted and sincere approach to investing. When you read his 40 Rules, imagine a cheerful, almost cherubic author guiding you on a complex subject, flashing a grin after every paragraph. If only all investment books were this much fun!"

Carlos Panksep: Managing Director, CEFEX