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Kara Young and Caleb Fincher 1st August 2020
Sarah Rice Warren and Keaton Halbert 27th June 2020
Tanner Bevill and John Peugh 13th June 2020
Bess Buskirk and Nolan Ahlrich 6th June 2020
Helen Kaye and Andrew Malone 16th May 2020
Ashley Prince and Dayne Swerdling 25th April 2020
Amy Warner and Matthew Young 21st March 2020
Camie Cole and Will Nations 21st March 2020
Sara Scott Haguewood and Austin Harrelson 14th March 2020
Samantha Wilson and Whit Williams 7th March 2020
Allie Matthews and Trenton Abell 7th March 2020
Brett-Ashleigh Brooks and Jeb Millender 22nd February 2020
Mary Elizabeth Wright and Turner Bullock 21st December 2019
Sami Whitwell and Sam Jones 14th December 2019
Meredith Wardlaw and Aaron Carter 16th November 2019
Megan Rohman and Austin Waddell 16th November 2019
Mary Rish and Brodi Pounds 9th November 2019
Haley Stephens and Wesley Bost 2nd November 2019
Elizabeth Burleson and Wil Hyland 26th October 2019
Ashley Norman and Michael Boone 12th October 2019
Holley Marshall and Kevin Parker Jr. 12th October 2019
Emily Corban and Robert Camp 5th October 2019
Holly Hardin and Grant Spencer 3rd August 2019
Ann Clark Luckett and Bryan Bruce 27th July 2019
Claire Palmer and John Gatlin 27th July 2019
Jessica Wallace and Jason Shelton 27th July 2019
Amanda Wineman and Zachery Baldwin 29th June 2019
Anna Margaret Gaines and Alex Ezelle 22nd June 2019
Hart Robbins and Griff Loftis 22nd June 2019
Mariann Wammack and Mike Church 15th June 2019
Rorie Bolton and Troy Berry 8th June 2019
Neely Johnson and Daniel Gwaltney 8th June 2019
Audra Atkins and Michael Robinson 1st June 2019
Mary Kathryn Wheatley and John Decker 1st June 2019
Catherine Holman and Kirk Thornton 18th May 2019
Carrie Gammon and Luke Weeden 18th May 2019
Emma Kate Daniels and Adam Grubbs 27th April 2019
Searcy Swain and Matt Crabtree 27th April 2019
Natalie Taylor and Jeffrey Chase 30th March 2019
Shelby Jones and John Aycock 30th March 2019
Emily Guyton and Todd Branch 23rd March 2019
Holly Harrington and Ian Benge 23rd March 2019
Kim Mackey and Andrew Putnam 9th March 2019
Ashley Yuen and Case Knight 9th March 2019
Simms Haguewood and David Haadsma 16th February 2019
Kelsey Adams and Steven Goudeau 16th February 2019
Sheena Hagemann and Yancy Fisher 14th February 2019
Madison Dyson and Will Vanlandeghem 9th February 2019
Mialee Billingsley and Zach Steinmetz 2nd February 2019
Mary Dawson Buskirk and Brian Haadsma 5th January 2019
Catherine Dilgren and Stephen Diaz 29th December 2018
Allye Neuhaus and Drew Alford 1st December 2018
Alex Dawson and Mitchell Edwards 20th November 2018
Shelby Craig and Braeden Scally 18th November 2018
Mary Ward and Matt Strickland 10th November 2018
Madison Horton and Chase Floyd 10th November 2018
Tara Edington and W. Aaron Tomes 10th November 2018
Jessica Patterson and Joseph Koon 3rd November 2018
Cara Snowden and Leighton Bristow 3rd November 2018
Meredith Miller and Robert Sessums 27th October 2018
Jenna Rose Koon and Christopher Vasquez 20th October 2018
Taylor Cliett and Drew Troxler 20th October 2018
Doty Miley and Andrew DuHon 20th October 2018
Leslie Hamm and Brandon Sivley 13th October 2018
Callan Rowley and Mitchell Lowe 13th October 2018
Anne Overton Waller and Matt Earwood 6th October 2018
Addison Arledge and Harrison Walker 22nd September 2018
Kelli Fowler and Kirby Page 22nd September 2018
Latoyia Hurd and Justin Miller 22nd September 2018
Meg Stegall and Andrew Green 15th September 2018
Melanie Wallace and Alfrel Jones 2nd September 2018
Mandi Barber and Jason Howell 1st September 2018
Sarah Rogers and Sam Burke 25th August 2018
Mary Cockrell and Will Basden 25th August 2018
Hannah Smith and Hunter Bell 18th August 2018
Lauren Hall and Michael Joslin 4th August 2018
Lauren Phillips and Blake Dixon 21st July 2018
Abby Wallace and Brent Heavener 30th June 2018
Lacie Fain and Matthew Boren 30th June 2018
Lindsey Mackie and Miller Vance 23rd June 2018
Alden Maxcy and Demetri Pappas 23rd June 2018
Haley Agnew and Alex Johnson 23rd June 2018
Elizabeth Johnson and B.Jay Nelson 9th June 2018
Amanda Jones and Drew Broyles 9th June 2018
Delaney Bondi and Joey Bates 9th June 2018
Leslie Reed and Gus Jones 2nd June 2018
Alix Robbins and Travis Roaten 2nd June 2018
Beth Lindsey and Ian Reed 2nd June 2018
Gracie Cheek and Brooks Pratt 2nd June 2018
Emily Miller and Toby Brandon 19th May 2018
Madison Atkins and Tyler Cook 5th May 2018
Clancy Smith and Noah Sanford 5th May 2018
Jessica Bailey and Carlton Wall 28th April 2018
Lindsey Johnson and Thomas Groome 21st April 2018
Alexis Hunt and Marcus Bell 14th April 2018
Persona Copeland and Lamar Shannon 14th April 2018
Christy Scheuer and Andy Nash 14th April 2018
Maria Holland and Owen Foster 7th April 2018
Yesenia (Jenny) Dezalez and Jorge Garcia 24th March 2018
Jessica Black and Mack Pettit 3rd March 2018
Abigail Taylor and James Rieves McAuley 24th February 2018
Abigail Taylor and James Rieves McAuley 24th February 2018
Caroline Gray and Chad Hughes 27th January 2018
Haley Bragg and Ben White 20th January 2018
Vidi Acosta and Phillip Olivi 13th January 2018