Vicki Williams and Blake Christian

Name Price Qty
SKYROS VILLA BELEZA Cereal Bowl $33.00
SKYROS VILLA BELEZA Covered Casserole $143.00
SKYROS VILLA BELEZA Dinner Plate $42.00
SKYROS VILLA BELEZA Large Round Platter $94.00
SKYROS VILLA BELEZA Oval Platter $86.00
SKYROS VILLA BELEZA Rim Soup/Pasta Bowl $37.00
SKYROS VILLA BELEZA Salad Plate $33.00
SKYROS VILLA BELEZA Serving Bowl $88.00
SKYROS LEGADO Engraved Platter $117.00
SKYROS LEGADO Mug – Engraved $37.00
SKYROS LEGADO Salad Plate – Engraved $37.00
POMEROY Savannah Highball $9.00
THE GOOD EARTH Bread Tray $124.00
THE GOOD EARTH Butter Dish $72.00
THE GOOD EARTH Lg Nesting Bowl $123.00
THE GOOD EARTH Md Oval Platter $135.00
THE GOOD EARTH Rect Serving Bowl $113.00
THE GOOD EARTH Round Spoon Rest $24.00
THE GOOD EARTH Sm Casserole* $106.00
THE GOOD EARTH Sm Sq Serving Bowl $104.00
SIMON PEARCE Woodbury Pitcher LG $150.00
SIMON PEARCE Woodbury Tumbler $60.00
PICKARD Ultra-White Signature Salad Mono Script Plat $54.00
PICKARD Ultra-White Signature Margaret Cup Mono Script Plat $75.00
PICKARD Ultra-White Signature Rim Dinner Platinum $60.00
PICKARD Ultra-White Signature Can Saucer Plat $28.00
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