Blair Norman and Adam Lukasik

Name Price Qty
THE GOOD EARTH Bread Tray $124.00
THE GOOD EARTH Butter Dish $72.00
THE GOOD EARTH Lasagna $140.00
THE GOOD EARTH Lg Casserole* $132.00
THE GOOD EARTH Lg Nesting Bowl $123.00
THE GOOD EARTH Med Nesting Bowl $79.00
THE GOOD EARTH Md Oval Platter $135.00
THE GOOD EARTH Pitcher* $106.00
THE GOOD EARTH Rect Serving Bowl $113.00 Already purchased
THE GOOD EARTH Sm Sq Serving Bowl $104.00
VIETRI Forma Cloud Dinner Plate $43.00
VIETRI Forma Cloud Salad Plate $43.00
VIETRI Forma Cloud Cereal Bowl $43.00
VIETRI Forma Cloud Pasta Bowl $44.00
VIETRI Forma Cloud Mug $42.00
JARS TOURRON Dinner Plate 10.2″ JADE $38.00
JARS TOURRON Cereal Bowl 6.1″x3.5″ JADE $35.00
JARS TOURRON Pasta Bowl 9.3″ x 2.6″ JADE $38.00
JARS TOURRON Mug 12.2 oz JADE $29.00
JARS TOURRON Serving Bowl L 10.6″ x 5.9″ JADE $167.00
POMEROY Templar Beverage $11.00
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