Fundraiser Reed’s T-Shirts

Reed’s is proud to partner with schools and non-profit organizations all over North Mississippi to produce exclusive designs for groups to sell to raise money for projects. Over 50 projects have raised thousands of dollars. Call Annabeth Wyatt at (662) 842-6453 or email her at or Lex Jackson at (662) 327-2684 or by email at to get answers to any questions you may have and then look forward to a successful result.

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Reed’s Fundraiser T-Shirt Process

Looking for a new fundraiser for your school or organization? Reed’s would love

to partner with you! The process is easy. Just contact us at 662.842.6453 or

662.327.2684 for more information. We will provide you a base price for the t-
shirts, determined by number of colors used in design and quantity you will order.

We will then design a shirt for you—all you have to do is sell! The more you sell,

the more profitable for you!