Bridal Registry

Reed's has been a part of Southern traditions since 1905. We hope you will let us be a part of this exciting time for you. Our resources are great!

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North Mississippi's most extensive Bridal Registry Online Registry Invitations for the Wedding, Rehearsal Dinner, and Showers, as well as Save The Date announcements and Thank You notes. Tuxedos, Mother of the Bride dresses, Bridesmaids dresses, Flower Girl and Ring Bearer attire, Amy Head Make-up - custom designed for your special day, Soft luggage by Vera Bradley.

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This Month:

Brittney Daves and Pierce Whittington 4th November 2017
Corrie Cockrell and Josh Fulwiler 4th November 2017
Molly O’Bryan and Todd Shirley 11th November 2017
Emily Darralott and Collin Horton 18th November 2017
McCoy Armstrong and Jake Scott 18th November 2017
Molly Maynard and Bentley Nolan 25th November 2017


Marie Stewart and Dan Mahan 2nd August 2014
Olivia Fancher and Matthew Nunnelee 2nd August 2014
Lauren Cherry and Russell Dendy 9th August 2014
Ivy Davis and Trey Frazer 9th August 2014
Katie Ireland and Luke Kupier 9th August 2014
Margaret Leigh Sheehan and Jared Thames 23rd August 2014
Haley Smith and Michael Ray 6th September 2014
Stacie Hood and Brett Boothe 6th September 2014
Michelle McAuley and Beau Hill 20th September 2014
Brittany Vaughn and Aubrey Bugg 20th September 2014
Noele Graham and Dusty Thornton 20th September 2014
Kayla Carpenter and Andew McCarley 20th September 2014
Nicole Weatherford and B.J. Johnson 27th September 2014
Brittany Watson and Nathan Rushing 27th September 2014
Cassie Detering and John Milam 27th September 2014
Brandy Mason and Corey McCain 27th September 2014
Amber Royce and Justin Nunnelee 27th September 2014
Kathleen Simmons and Cody Burnett 27th September 2014
Elizabeth Rogers and Behrooz Parvarandeh 4th October 2014
Amanda Brown and Jason Landry 11th October 2014
Emily Wikle and Sean Donegan 11th October 2014
Olivia May and Chris Bennett 11th October 2014
Kayla Harrison and Matthew Poe 18th October 2014
Leslie Miller and Jeffrey Chrestman 18th October 2014
Shannon Carroll and Paul Saylors 25th October 2014
Chelsea Hussey and Jon Paul Barber 29th October 2014
Sadie Fryfogle and Kit Melton 1st November 2014
Caitlyn Castles and Hunter Dulaney 8th November 2014
Darby Kellum and Will Kilpatrick 22nd November 2014
Kylie Christensen and Kevin Miller 20th December 2014
Bea Smith and Nicolas Treat 4th January 2015
Mallori Watson and Michael McBryde 10th January 2015
Kayla George and Chance Prestage 31st January 2015
Kayla Posey and Drew Clayton 21st February 2015
Stacy E. Johnson and Blain Wiese 7th March 2015
Kelly Biddle and Brent Dickson 14th March 2015
Cindy Delgadillo and Philip Lewis 14th March 2015
Vicki Williams and Blake Christian 11th April 2015
Rachel Farmer and Justin Myers 11th April 2015
Lea Anne Lemmons and Kevin Griffin 18th April 2015
Alyson Snell and Alex Key 18th April 2015
Chelsi Smith and Shelby Smith 18th April 2015
Johnna Moore and Marshall Faulkner 6th May 2015
Becky Parker and Christian Sheffield 9th May 2015
Laura Collins and Robert Stroup 16th May 2015
Lisa Hoard and James Dow 16th May 2015
Ryann Thames and James Hawkins 23rd May 2015
Kayla Jones and Brent Baxter 23rd May 2015
Jami Thrash and Lee Abbott 24th May 2015
Elena McPherson and Ben Gilliland 6th June 2015
Claire Elliott and Gabe Grothe 6th June 2015
Catherine Ring and Samuel Ethan Flurry 6th June 2015
Maggie Pettit and Jordan Metcalfe 13th June 2015
Carrie Shumaker and Chase Wynn 13th June 2015
Maggie Blackwell and Dustin Mott 13th June 2015
Megan Whitlock and Justin Parsons 13th June 2015
Corinne Vance and Bryan Fikes 13th June 2015
Devin Dexter and William Beam 13th June 2015
Jill Parker and Perrin Crews 13th June 2015
Molly Sims Haynes and Robert Wade Wilson 20th June 2015
Mollie Speights and Michael Bounds 20th June 2015
Mandy Collins and Kyle Ragon 20th June 2015
Dani Wood and Will Fuller 20th June 2015
Amanda Sutton and Robert Walker 11th July 2015
Jessica Wilson and Andy Stringer 18th July 2015
Elizabeth Todd and Conner Bills 18th July 2015
Jamie McCulloch and Cole Glenn 18th July 2015
Kate Smythe and Tays Heyer 18th July 2015
Afton Johnson and Dewayne Smith 18th July 2015
Tabitha Sheffield and Josh Robinson 1st August 2015
Rebecca Gaines and Kevin Steinman 1st August 2015
Elizabeth Anderson and Tyler Lewis 1st August 2015
Elizabeth Short and David Taylor 1st August 2015
Mary Heather Dozier and Jordan Dozier 6th August 2015
Haley Brown and Zach Miller 8th August 2015
Morgan Putt and Reed Clayton 8th August 2015
Catherine Cottingham and Matthew Foster 8th August 2015
Courtney Walsh and Duncan Foster 15th August 2015
Lacey Gray Stone and Brady Fortenberry 15th August 2015
Ashley Morton and Grayson Puckett 15th August 2015
Caroline Gregory and Andrew Mazey 22nd August 2015
Stacy Sharp and Aaron Spearman 22nd August 2015
Tim Pierce and Brandt Edwards 5th September 2015
Jocelyn Smith and Denis Brunotte 6th September 2015
Lyndie Bishop and Eric Were 18th September 2015
Mallory Rutledge and Jeremy Lawson 19th September 2015
Stacy Wyatt and Kyle Groover 26th September 2015
Betsy Wesson and Paden McCullough 2nd October 2015
Abigail Clayton and James Farris 3rd October 2015
Lindsey Bailey and Blake Tedford 3rd October 2015
Natalie Heady and Richard Heard 3rd October 2015
Bailey Sloan and Luke Bishop 3rd October 2015
Sarah Brewer and Will McBrayer 10th October 2015
Ashton Patterson and Richard Kent 10th October 2015
Abby Hester and Jamie Ingram 10th October 2015
Katie Scarlett and Skyler Herring 17th October 2015
Kristen Minga and Daniel Knotts 17th October 2015
Keely Naden and Dalton McMillen 24th October 2015
Rachel Yezak and Evan Weibel 24th October 2015
Kimberly Fuller and Raymond Ray 24th October 2015
Emma Crawford and Jacob Kent 31st October 2015
Alex Bowen and Blake McCoy 7th November 2015
Ashley Griffin and Heston Ray 7th November 2015
Anne Elise McIntosh and David Ray 14th November 2015
Liz Krason and Michael Sojourner 14th November 2015
Courtney Sims and Ben Shaw 14th November 2015
Lauren Reed and Jason Stacy 5th December 2015
Camie Crowe and Bobby Martin 5th December 2015
Katy Deaton and Jim Craig 12th December 2015
Lexie Hill and Walker Wildmon 12th December 2015
Rachel Alexander and Jacob Gibson 19th December 2015
Sarah Allen and Andrew Dailey 16th January 2016
Julie Sparks and Ryan Russell 16th January 2016
Kristen Coward and Braxton Meeks 23rd January 2016
Emily Nail and Mark Fleming 27th February 2016
Annie Goodwin and Andy McGregor 12th March 2016
Audrey Anna Roebuck and Alex Rowland 19th March 2016
Kayla Clayborne and Donald Counts 19th March 2016
Caroline Clark and Billy Richey 19th March 2016
Catherine Yarber and Tommy Collins 2nd April 2016
Becca Aaron and Jake Heyer 2nd April 2016
Cassie Waycaster and Ceburn Gray 2nd April 2016
Heather Minga and Daniel Baker 2nd April 2016
Karen Hays and Jordan Graham 9th April 2016
Alix Cayson and Andrew Gunner 9th April 2016
Danielle McCabe and Matthew Bearden 16th April 2016
Andrea Riccio and Dustin Todd 23rd April 2016
Memory McPherson and Daniel Lofton 23rd April 2016
Blair Norman and Adam Lukasik 23rd April 2016
Maggie Woods and Andy Roberts 30th April 2016
Melanee Davis and Paul Tucker 7th May 2016
Madison Benge and Jonathan Rish 7th May 2016
Wurth Hosch and Chris Drummond 14th May 2016
Lisa Lamberth and Gardner Richey 21st May 2016
Ann Anthony and Wesley Hazel 21st May 2016
Brittany Ousley and Jonathan Fandel 28th May 2016
Chelsea Rick and Jason Shelton 28th May 2016
Kaitlyn Ellis and Pierce Morgan 3rd June 2016
Sara Caldwell and Rob Beuerlein 4th June 2016
Rachel Peters and Cole Morse 4th June 2016
Katie Berry and Owen Thompson 11th June 2016
Courtney Ann Jackson and Drew Hall 25th June 2016
Maddin McCord and Hank Hutto 25th June 2016
Tia Lambert and Doug Wright 25th June 2016
Lindsey Beasley and Paul Dickerson 26th June 2016
Rebecca Groome and Anthony Roman 2nd July 2016
Joanna Edeker and Jonathan Lankford 16th July 2016
Jenni Brown and Sam Hand 16th July 2016
Anna Laura Young and Hayden West 23rd July 2016
Callie Boutot and Matt Chisholm 6th August 2016
Emily Scheuer and Lacey Lowe 11th August 2016
Whitney Ray and Kyle Hood 13th August 2016
Liz Connell and Clint Alford 20th August 2016
Haley Burks and Louis Holbrook 8th October 2016
Laura Godwin and Will Kline 15th October 2016
Sarah Campbell and AJ Stewart 15th October 2016
Mattie Carter and Bennett Mize 15th October 2016
Jesse Taylor and Marc Hawkins 15th October 2016
Katie Stone and Randy Collier 15th October 2016
Tara Williams and Tyler Kidd 22nd October 2016
Elizabeth Lucas and Tatum Henson 22nd October 2016
Sidney Bennett and Adam Slocum 29th October 2016
Anna Katherine Phipps and Jason Vinson 5th November 2016
Mallory Moreland and Hunter Partlow 5th November 2016
Sally Kate Shepherd and Tatum Collins 5th November 2016
Anna Russell and Franklin Simmons 12th November 2016
Taylor East and Brooks Jackson 12th November 2016
Mandi Hankins and Drew Moore 19th November 2016
Elle Jamison and Jacob McGregor 19th November 2016
Lauren Jenkins and Mark Simpson 3rd December 2016
Emerson Holliman and Connor Paton 10th December 2016
Mary Margaret Via and Chase Wilkerson 10th December 2016
Bramlett McLaurin and Austin Myers 10th December 2016
Anna Grace Ward and Bo Tanner 17th December 2016
Ellie Berry and Drew Carter 17th December 2016
Molly Farrar and Chet Crawford 31st December 2016
Ragen Lambert and Josh Carson 31st December 2016
Lindsey Crenshaw and Justin Halvorson 14th January 2017
Miller Bristow and Ross Renfrow 18th February 2017
Emily Cayson and Will Mize 4th March 2017
Kama Alford and Lucas Smith 4th March 2017
Kayla Walsh and Travis Sorrels 11th March 2017
Karen Mathis and Will Reid 11th March 2017
Bailey Rutherford and Devin Lambert 14th March 2017
Kate Rather and Chris Killough 18th March 2017
Emily Smothers and Matthew Cox 25th March 2017
Clara Tew and Ryan Culp 31st March 2017
Anna Wesleigh Riggs and Matt Akins 1st April 2017
Marie Wooley and Adam Stewart 22nd April 2017
Julia Stratton and Kimmel Monts 6th May 2017
Anne Stevens and William Sutherland 6th May 2017
Elizabeth Livingston and Kevin Morris 13th May 2017
Emily Heer and Garrett Ryan 13th May 2017
Carley Tucker and Giles Langston 20th May 2017
Christina Knight and Jared Bragg 20th May 2017
Julie Williams and Blake Eaton 20th May 2017
Anna Kathryn Patterson and Marc Pugh 27th May 2017
Cassidy Pitts and Seth Swinney 27th May 2017
Lizzie Brevard and Denis Doorly 27th May 2017
Lindsay Newell and Fredy Banuelos 27th May 2017
Ali Olimsted and Austin Huffman 27th May 2017
Carrie Hancock and Adam Winter 3rd June 2017
Julie Johnson and Sam Peters 3rd June 2017
Amelia Ward and Alex Bailey 3rd June 2017
Claire Davis and Fletcher Johnson 10th June 2017
Mary Claire Jarrell and Patrick Harris 10th June 2017
Laura Moore and Ben Bullock 17th June 2017
Mary Katherine Howell and Thomas Wildeman 17th June 2017
Abby Tucker and Lane Ezell 17th June 2017
Sallie Wright Milam and William Serene 17th June 2017
Anna Claire Reed and Hunter Curtis 24th June 2017
Kelsey Still and Logan Dodson 1st July 2017
Allison Griswold and Michael Fernamburg 8th July 2017
Katie Knight and Ray Cooper 8th July 2017
Chloe Weibel and Barry James 15th July 2017
Jessica Sanders and Ben Coggin 15th July 2017
Olivia Johnson and Brian Hamilton 22nd July 2017
Lindsay Purnell and Hamilton Brown 22nd July 2017
Lauren Iupe and Walton Chaney 5th August 2017
Bailey Rutherford and Devin Lambert 12th August 2017
Marilyn Hill and Sam Audia 26th August 2017
Anna Lunceford and Josh Stunkel 3rd September 2017
Alex Aldy and Forrest Floyd 9th September 2017
Austin Sams and Logan Blinson 9th September 2017
Lauren Dickey and Andrew Glaze 18th September 2017
Sara Kathryn Beasley and Justin Vaughn 7th October 2017
Madison Helms and Jake Taylor 7th October 2017
Alexis Temple and Gordon Lee 21st October 2017
Michelle Hodges and Brandon Garcia 21st October 2017